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          • 1958 

            Hengda was founded

          • 5 

            Production bases

          • 10 

            Series products

          • 100 

            Patents and Honors

          About Hengda

          Nantong Hengda machinery manufacturing Co.,Ltd.   Nantong Hengda Non-Burned Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd.(Jiangsu,China)   is a council member unit of China Brick & Tile Association and also the designated enterprise by the state of brick & tile machinery. We have passed ISO9001 (2000 version) International Quality Certification. Our products were awarded as "Chinese Brick & Tile Famous Excellent Products" by the Brick & Tile Industry Association of China.


          Production bases

          Five production bases
          Vacuum extruder base
          Concrete block machine base
          Movable tunnel kiln base
          PVC pallet base
          Angola base


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